An Extraordinary Peace St. Seraphim, Flame of Sarov

An Extraordinary Peace

St. Seraphim, Flame of Sarov

By Archimandrite Lazarus Moore

“When I am dead, come to me at my grave, and the more often the better.  Whatever is in your soul, whatever may have happened to you, come to me as when I was alive, and kneeling on the ground, cast all your bitterness upon my grave.  Tell me everything and I shall listen to you, and all the bitterness will fly away from you.  And as you spoke to me when I was alive, do so now.  For I am living and I shall be forever.”

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Manuscripts and Publications

This list is a digital copy of a typed list created by Fr. Lazarus himself and excludes nearly forty years (1947 to 1992) of translation work, original manuscripts, speeches and more. Excerpts from Fr Lazarus’ translations and manuscripts, many previously unpublished, may appear on this website as we compile forthcoming anthologies.

Published works and translations of Fr. Lazarus include:

1) The Ladder of Divine Ascent by St. John Climacus (1959)
2) The Jordanville Prayer Book (1960)
3) On the Prayer of Jesus by Bp. Iganatius Brianchaninov (1965)
4) The Psalter ( 1966)
5) The Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete
6) The Arena by Bp. Ignatius Brianchaninov (1970)
7) An Indication of the Way into the Kingdom by St. Innocent of
8 ) Tradition in the Church (booklet from Light and Life)
9) Law and Grace (booklet from Light and Life)
10) Baptism As Thirty Celebrations (booklet from Light and Life)
11) St. Seraphim of Savov by Archimandrite Lazarus Moore
(New Savov Press 1994)
12) An Extraordinary Peace, St. Seraphim, Flame of Sarov by
Archimandrite Lazarus Moore (2009)

Fr Lazarus’ translations into English, as of January 1947 include:

1) The Ladder of Paradise, by St John Climacas

2) Ancient Patrology (selections: actually about half the original)

3) Philokalia (selections, including over 100 pages of St Cassian; and from the Russian 5th tome: St Nicephorus the Solitary, St Gregory Palamas, St Simeon the New Theologian, Maxim Kapsokalivit and St Gregory the Sinaite)

4) Some Aspects of Orthodox Prayer (collection of passages on Prayer from the writings of the Holy Fathers, Saints and Teachers of the Church)

5) Indication of the Way into the Kingdom of Heaven, by St Innocent of Alaska

6) Catechism

7) Dogma of Redemption

8 ) Confession

9) Conversation between Orthodox Priest and a Uniat Greek Catholic

10) Conversations of a Christian with a Moslem about the Holy Trinity


11) To Our Sweetest Lord Jesus

12) For Holy Communion

13) To the Most Holy Mother of God

14) To the Holy Myrrh-bearer Mary Magdalene

15) To the Holy and Life-creating Spirit

16) To St Nicolas

17) To St George

18) To St Panteleimon

18 a)To the Trinity

18 b) To Martha and Mary


19) Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete

20) Short Canon of Repentance

21) Canon to the Most Holy Mother of God (Annunciation)

22) To the Venerable and Life-giving Cross of Christ

23) To Our Lord Jesus Christ 

24) For Holy Communion

25) To the Guardian Angel

25 a) To the Mother of God (Ordinary)

25 b) Easter Canon

26) Mental Activity, by Abbot Hariton of Valaam

Lives of Saints

(mostly translated from the Menology of St Dimitri of Rostov):

1) St Ephrem the Syrian

2) Passion of Holy Martyr Perpetua

3) Holy Martyr Dorothea

4) St Cassian

5) 40 Martyrs of Sebaste

6) St Gregory the Dialogist

7) St John of the Ladder

8 ) St Mary of Egypt

9) St George

10) Sts Constantine & Helena

11) St Cyril of Alexandria

12) St Andrew of Crete

13) Sts Simeon, Fool for Christ’s Sake & John His Co-Ascetic

14) St Mary Magdalene

15) St Panteleimon

16) St Gregory the Sinaite

17) The Assumption of the Mother of God

18) The Nativity of the Mother of God

19) The Passion of the Holy Martyrs of Faith, Hope & Love & their Mother Sophia

20) St Thekla

21) St Sergius of Radonesh

22) St Hariton the Confessor

23) St John the Theologian

24) St Andrew, Fool for Christ’s Sake

25) St Dionysius the Areopagite

26) St Thomas

27) St Martin

28) St Lazarus Four Day

29) St Luke

30) St James, Brother of Our Lord

31) St Dimitri of Rostov

32) Sts Cosmas & Damian

33) St Abraham the Hermit & his Niece St Mary

34) St Gregory Palamas

35) St Andrew, Fool for Christ’s Sake

36) St Katharine

37) St Seraphim of Sarov (full life)

38) St Joasaph of Belgorod

39) St Onuphrius the Great

40) St Marina

41) St Elias

Short Articles

42) “The Ikon of the Virgin Mary”

43) Rabaiyat Baptised – an Indian poem

44) Preparation for Holy Communion by St John of Kronstadt

45) 12 Articles on the Most Holy Sacrament by St Dimitri of Rostov

46) The Eminence of the Achievements of Monkhood

47) A Spiritual Guide

48) Divine Love

49) From “The Story of Christ” by Giovanni Papini

50) Extracts from St Theodore the Studite, St Augustine, St John Moschus

51) Appendix to “The Degrees of the Spiritual Life by Abbe A. Saudreau

52) The Spirit of Prayer by St John of Kronstadt

53) Extract from the Holy Fathers of the Church on Prayer

54) On the Prayer “Let us the Cherubim” by Met. Antony

55) The Sign of the Cross

56) “My Life in Christ” by St John of Kronstadt

57) Surrender Not Resignation

58) Sermon in French on the occasion of his nomination to the Episcopal Dignity by Met. Antony

59) Article on Jesus Christ “From the Governor of Judea to the Roman Emperor

60) A Vision of the Most Holy Mother of God

61) 3 short articles on the Holy Virgin, Mother of God

62) Two Prophecies revealed by Jesus Christ to His disciples on the Mount of Olives

63) Errors of the Roman Catholic Church

64) Christmas Play by St Dimitri of Rostov

65) Indian Poems.

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