The Fr. Lazarus and Judy Series (3)

Again the same week I stopped to spend a little time reading to him. I was getting ready to leave after a while. I pulled the covers up to tuck him in. He acted as if he couldn’t see. He took my right hand and ask me what it was. I told him it was my hand. With much effort as he was very weak, he raised himself up a little and kissed my hand. Then he gently pushed it away and said, “There… now we can send her on her way.” I was taken by surprise. I couldn’t move at first. He was not one to show any affection… not like this anyways. I did not and still do not understand this. Dianne came in at that moment which broke the eternity which I felt like I had slipped into. I told her that what he had done… that I didn’t think that he knew what he was doing… she disagreed telling me that she thought he knew exactly what he was doing.

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