The Presence of the Holy Spirit

During one of our last few evenings before he suffered the last series of strokes, I came to him and ask him to forgive me and to pray for me when he arrived in heaven.  I remember him replying, “you pray for me… God forgives all.”

It was a very cold November day.  I couldn’t get warm all day.  I sat there at his bedside.  We sat in silence for a while.  Then I ask him, “Fr. Lazarus… how do you know that the Holy Spirit is present?”

He layed there silently.  I thought he didn’t hear me.  He then turned and looked directly at me and ask me, “are you cold now?”

I hadn’t told him that I was cold… but I suddenly became aware that I was wonderfully warm and peaceful.  I was not aware of the change till he had ask me.  Much the same as now retelling this story… I am still in awe.  Peace seemed to radiate from him.  We again sat in silence… I did not want the moment to end.

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