Parts and Passages

Copy of Fr Lazarus’ lectionary (followed from childhood through his last days)

From Daily Broadcasts (1950s)

From Lectures on Monasticism (1953)

“If we come before God full of confidence but forgetful of our nothingness and with little reverence; or if we are being willed with awe and reverence but have little confidence – in each case, our relations with God are not what they ought to be.

“Our self-abasement must always be linked with a childlike trust and confidence. This attitude is not to be adopted merely at the hour of prayer. This reverence and self-abasement must be extended to all Christ’s members, to God in every man.

“The humble soul sees in everyone, in every life, an image or reflection of the One Divine Life.

“And he devotes himself to serving this man because he knows that is how he can serve God.”


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