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An Extraordinary Peace
St. Seraphim, Flame of Sarov

By Archimandrite Lazarus Moore

“When I am dead, come to me at my grave, and the more often the better.  Whatever is in your soul, whatever may have happened to you, come to me as when I was alive, and kneeling on the ground, cast all your bitterness upon my grave.  Tell me everything and I shall listen to you, and all the bitterness will fly away from you.  And as you spoke to me when I was alive, do so now.  For I am living and I shall be forever.”

Available from Anaphora Press in both softback and hardback.  A sample chapter and endorsements accompany your purchase options.

The Holy Psalter

Translated by Archimandrite Lazarus Moore

This translation of the Psalms of David was completed in 1992, the last year of Fr. Lazarus’s life.  The publication is sized for personal use, approximately 4″ x 7″, and contains an icon of Christ on the inside cover.

Available from Anaphora Press (currently situated on the main home page) in softback.

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